A Way to 'Drill Down' on Multiple Job Sites?

I'm currently writing a web app (Azure + MVC 5) for my client. You can see the current implementation of it at dtxearth3.azurewebsites.net
Sign in using the name 'VIP' and the password 'HoustonUSA' (watch your caps).
Select an HTI Job # and hit the Go button. You will see data for that job plotted using the Cesium viewer.
The web app draws both points and lines as well as some text.
The initial idea was to provide a drop-down to select which job to view.
But now, my client would like to see all the job locations (they operate around the globe, including Japan, the US, Canada, and Australia, and Europe) displayed in the viewer, and then be able to 'zoom in' or select (click), such as a job in Houston, TX, and then see all the data (points, lines, text) for that job.
I think you get the idea--start at the globe with job locations shown in LA, Chicago, Virginia, TX, wherever, and then simply zoom in to that job and voila, all the data is there.
The problem as I see it is two-fold:
1) I could pre-draw everything, with all the lines, text, points, etc. But this would be very cumbersome to the viewer, and the time it would take to draw all the entities could be too long. Plus, as more and more jobs are uploaded by the drilling operators, the plotting time would only increase. So option #1 doesn't seem reasonable, to me.
2) I could plot one single point for each job site. Then, perhaps based on a click within a certain radius of a site, the viewer could zoom in to that job. The problem here lies in how to post the clicked coordinate back to the server and then have the MVC program's controller deal with the database selection (the latter part being easy).

So I think option #2 is best;
My question is how to obtain the click coordinates and post-back in Cesium?

As I develop this app, I will probably have more questions down the road. Which is why I decided to post the web site access information.

FYI, I'm an independent s/w developer using Visual Studio 2013 writing in MVC 5 (VB). My background is 32 years programming plus I've held licenses as a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in two states (MT and IL). I'm also an expert at writing Map Projection code and I've written NADCON conversions in VB.

Thank you in advance, for your reply.


Dominic Whitham

Hello Dominic,

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but have to you seen this picking demo? http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/index.html?src=Picking.html&label=Showcases

That has several different examples for click handling on the globe or on entities.