acess and dynamic display entity properties from CZML


I'm working on satellite path. I display the path by loading a czml file. i wan't to display dynamic informations like temperatures.i want it to be like the sandcastle multipart czml example but the informations must be stored inside the czml and also they must be linked with time

i've seen this to acess the data and store theme

var entites = dataSources.entites.values;

for(var i = 0;i<entitites.length;i++){
  //store data in array

but i don't knox if i can't display them as a function of time

do you have any ideas ?



The “styling” of your entities by setting their properties will persist regardless of the time. See Loading and styling entities in the Cesium Workshop tutorial for some explanation and examples.

If you set an entity property that changes with regard to time, take a look at Callback properties.



After a look i think i will need that but i want to stor these values inside my CZML file. These data are time relative and they depend on satellite path. Is there a czml custom structure to suceed this ?

Take a look at the CZML Guide for more information. CZML can be extended with custom properties.

The Multi-part CZML Sandcastle example also has a good example of defining a custom time-varying property and showing the value of that property over time in a display: