Add a User Warning When a Bad Connection is Detected


We have been experiencing an intermittent issue where Cesium for Unreal will launch with all black tiles. We suspect this is due to a poor connection to the tile server at launch and would like to detect this in code and present a warning to the user.

Has anyone done something similar before? Does the Cesium API provide any functionality to detect the quality of the server connection?


Hi @tim985,

Is there a message in the Output Log when it fails? There should be, unless the connection is hanging rather than failing, or something like that. For a connection failure, you should be able to handle it programmatically by subscribing to the OnCesium3DTilesetLoadFailure event, which is declared in Cesium3DTileset.h. Unfortunately this event is not (yet) accessible from Blueprints, so you’ll need to use C++.


That’s perfect, thanks Kevin!