Add dynamically Esri Gis layres

I'm trying to add dynamically layers to Esri Gis imagery provider.
I initialize the imagery provider like that:

var esri = new Cesium.ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider({
    url : ‘’,
    layers: ‘0,1’

And I want to add more layers in run-time, something like:

esri.layers = esri.layers + '3,4';

But it doesn't work.

Please help,
Thank you

I am no expert, just a learner myself - but looking at:, that is a readonly property.

instead your option could be to remove and re-add ( the same - sandcastle example:

again, like I said - I am just learning too..



See my response here for an answer to the same question. We have Issue #6563 open to track the request, I’ll also mention your request here.



Thank you!
I will wait for that feature and in the meanwhile use the workaround