Add Imagery Layer spawns Entity pop up


I am seeing strange behavior when I try to add a new imagery layer. The imagery layer is added fine but when I click on the map immediately afterwards Cesium crashes. I think it is trying to open the info box for an entity even though there was no entity selected. This only happens in Columbus and 3D mode.

I am currently using Cesium v1.7 but I noticed similar behavior within the sandcastle. If I click on the map from the Imagery Layers showcase, an info box appears.

Is this expected and if so is there some way to turn it off?

Thanks for your help,

Cesium 1.7 should not be used and that’s why you are seeing a crash, we released 1.7.1 shortly after 1.7 was released, but I would recommend you just upgrade to the current version 1.9.

As for why the pop-up occurs at all, some imgery servers have the ability to pick features from the imagery they send down, for example this example:

You can disable this yourself by passing enablePickFeatures : false in the options object when you construct the imagery provider.