Add interactive point on globe

I am trying to navigate the docs at the quick tutorial:


and the APIs:

Could you please brief me out ?

I want to add interactive points on top of the globe.
I want to populate the globes with points and then, when a use click one of them, an action is triggered.

Something like this project :

I am lost with the documentation. Can anyone of the support help me to navigate through it to achieve this task ?

How are you currently storing your point positions?

For instance, do you have position coordinates that you can import as czml points like in this example:

Hi Dzung , thank you. Not yet storying the point positions, first I’d like to focus on the visualisation and UX part, and then work on data storage: but grateful if you anticipate recommended format to make use (CZML?)

From your answer, I see CZML and loading points on the viewer as:


Generally, could you appoint me to a few resources focused on the task to add, remove and cluster points based on zoom ?

Below a few concern that I will likely face, and would like to be comfortable with an overview of the APIs / logic, before starting.

  1. which is the max number of points that can be displayed on the globe, without clogging the responsivity?

  2. Could you guide me to APIs to use to add and remove points ?
    E.g. I may want to display based on zoom and/or culling techniques: if I m zooming at level of city, I don’t want to display other points not visible in he viewport; if I am zooming at level of countries, I may want to cluster granular points into fewer hubs

  3. In the example I see a json field defining a point : where can I find the format of acceptable data points?

e.g. could not find a correspondence at:

  1. How to make a point responsive , according the the center coordinate of the screen ?
    (e.g. I have an area of certain extend, and would like to trigger the points falling into that area)

To add points with some custom positions, you can reference this sandcastle:

The example adds points to an EntityCollection. You can then remove the points using remove or removeById (if points are assigned with ids).

As for the maximum number of points that can be displayed on the globe, it really depends on your hardware. Generally others have experienced lag with after a couple hundreds of points.

When you mean making a point responsive, do you mean you want to change the point’s properties if it falls within an area? Or do you want to trigger some action when the point is clicked?

As a reference of project and performance, I look at radio garden.
It support a few thousands points.

On this thread points are mentioned as BillboardCollection and a user state that with proper grouping achieved 500K

Now I read about EntityCollection. Reading on the definition, it seems I have to look at Entities.

It would be very useful indeed if you could brief me about the APIs I might want to look for my use case, thank you!

By making a point responsive I mean:

  1. I wanna trigger some action when point is clicked
  2. I wanna remove/add based on zoom level of globe (to have an effect of clustering).