adding a snow cone sensor to a satellite

What would be the correct way to add a snow cone shaped sensor to a satellite in CZML. I have attached a sample CZML that gets exported using Matlab. Also what are the measurements I should be exporting to create this sensor/shape.

Sorry it seems I forgot to attach the CZML and I am also attaching the matlab function that is creating the snow cone to give you all a prospective of how everything is being created

Feb26-Test.czml (142 KB)

snowcone.m (1.99 KB)

If you’re simply trying to create geometry in the shape of a cone, you could use the built in geometry types. Here’s a code example with a cone:

You could also create fully custom geometry in Cesium using the primitive layer, but this is a little more involved. If you’re trying to do some visibility/coverage analysis, the commercial ion SDK analytics package has a lot of tools for this:

I have reviewed this example and tried to recreate it by creating a czml file and uploading it to my personal sever and the online cesium one but neither works. Is there something the example not showing?

Can you show the CZML you created, preferably with a Sandcastle code example of how you’re loading it and looking at it?

I am unsure what you mean by a sandcastle code example but i have attached the czml which is the same code from the link above and also i have attached the HTML file used to upload it into my cesium server

index.html (3.04 KB)

Cone.czml (1.46 KB)

I think the CZML file you are generating is not valid. A CZML file must be a valid JSON. You can read more about it here:

You can validate your CZML to see if it’s a valid JSON with a tool like this

Sandcastle is the in-browser environment for trying out Cesium features ( You can share an example by writing your code there, then clicking “Share” in the top and pasting the link you get here. This makes it easier to run your code and share examples.

using the tool you recommended i have validated the JSON but i am still encountering the same problem

the issue was the semicolon at the end of the file.