Adding jasmine-snapshot to the project

Working with Jest day-to-day and coming back to work with karma/jasmine on Cesium made me aware how much I’m missing the little things in life.
Jest has this snapshot feature that is very powerful and time saving.
There is an implementation for jasmine:

Would you consider adding this to the project?

At a glance, this sounds promising! The idea is to basically make it easier to write expect(result).toEqual(otherObject) without having to check every field of both objects, right?

Have you tried it out in any of the current unit tests or have a specific few tests in mind that this will help in to show others a concrete example of what this would look like?

As far as I’m aware I think the biggest obstacle here is going to be that CesiumJS uses a modified version of Jasmine so I’m not sure if this’ll work out of the box. I think there were some discussions on GitHub about refactoring it so we can go back to just the standard Jasmine.

Also: moving this topic to General since it’s more of a discussion than a specific support question.