Animate camera move (not flyTo)

The camera's move functions (moveUp, etc) move the camera without regard to the globe, which is exactly what I need. I need to move the camera down and backwards a little bit. Does the API have any way to do this? I guess I could simulate it with flyTo, by getting the current position of the camera and then figuring out how much I want it to change on the two axes, and then figuring out what the new destination would be ... but is there an easier way?

Internally, the flyTo code creates a tween to move the camera a little bit each frame. You could do the same thing by using a tweening library, or registering an onTick event and handling this frame by frame logic yourself.

Thanks for the suggestion, Omar. I wound up adding Tween.js to the project and then using it to update the camera position with a series of calls to camera.moveUp, camera.moveLeft, and camera.moveBackward. It turned out to be simpler than using flyTo. The main use case was to restore the camera zoom to a predefined level, so it's primarily using camera.moveBackward.