Animating & Tracking with Delorme inReach Explorer KML file

We're going to be tracking someone using the Delorme inReach Explorer satellite communicator. It sends its waypoints through a kml file every 10 minutes.

We got it animating using the KML bike demo in Sandcastle, but the issue we're having is with making it "live". Since it sends gps location every 10 minutes, we can't really have a "next waypoint" that cesium knows where to trace the path. So the animation either would restart or stand still until we receive the next waypoint. What we're thinking of doing is parsing our kml file we receive from inReach and adding the latest point at the end and changing the time to 20 minutes ahead, or somehow delay the Cesium clock by 20-30 minutes so it will always have a waypoint to go to next.

Is there an official or easier way to do " live" tracking using inReach?


My experience with “real-time” tracking applications is that they usually show just the things they know, like last reported position. Sometimes they will draw the last known location in a changing color to show aging (e.g. progressively darker). Some, with predictable routes, will extrapolate along the current heading or perform dead-reckoning. Others will draw a circle or similar shape to show the possible area where the tracked object could be based on speed and possibly other information (e.g. terrain). This last technique could give you the “live” experience for some period of time until you decide that you aren’t getting any more updates (e.g. the party has stopped for lunch).