Apparently support is getting low

Hi Cesium,

It is great to see that you are growing. Best of luck. However, it appears to me that the support on forums is getting low - and randomly answered to questions. To be honest, the Online documentation for Cesium is not always helpful - my personal opinion, others might have a different experience. And, forums is one of the few places to turn to. Not sure what is the best way to get simple questions answered? May be Cesium should write a book explaining their APIs, etc., just like VTK has a series of books.

I look forward to more engagement.



Hi QIqbal,

I’m sorry you’re having a frustrating experience. Thank you for letting us know.

We also want to do better. We’re hiring quickly to try to keep up with the growing interest in Cesium and are also actively working on improving on documentation and learning materials. As Patrick Cozzi has explained, putting out more learning materials is high on the roadmap for CesiumJS: The CesiumJS Roadmap – Cesium

Thank you in particular for your thoughts about API documentation. We were already considering how we can invest there to help users be more self-sufficient, but the VTK docs provide a useful example to help us get there faster. If you have other specific ideas for what would be most valuable, please do let us know.

And of course, we also appreciate all contributions from the community back to the community. If you have advice to share here on the forum or elsewhere, your help is welcomed and deeply appreciated.



Samples are a great source to get started.
They showcase API in use, but there are only few of those.

Forum-wise it would be great if there were people dedicated to answering tech questions, especially if they answer them with executable code snippets the way the BabylonJS team does, it’s super useful to all the people that come across the same question reducing duplicate questions and making it easier to find answers.

The number of sample or demo apps on Cesium website and the use cases covered could really use some attention. If you take a look on ThreeJS and BabylonJS sites you will see many many executable samples and demo apps though out their docs, having the same level of sample apps on Cesium website would be fantastic.

Among Demo apps, one thing that is missing are samples that cover various types of interactive transformations applied to Mesh, collisions detection examples, examples of casting rays to retrieve an array of mesh hits, and possibly physics engine integration.

Just some ideas, and thank you for Cesium, it is the latest and third addition to my WebGL libraries tool-belt :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

You won’t be surprised to know that we want a lot of these things too. :slight_smile: Specific feedback like this is really helpful for us to be able to prioritize, and it’s great timing for planning we’re doing now.

We’d love to see what you’re working on as you go along. Please share on the public channels if you can when the time comes.