appropriate way to adjust 3dtiles height

i want to find appropriate way to adjust 3dtiles height ,the example of adjust 3ditles height is not really what i need in my project。

in my opinion,have a 3dtiles file means i know All point position, and i can find the lowest height in my 3dtiles .if i find the lowest point, i can kown how to translate my 3dtiles to the appropriate postion( no too high / no too blow).

but i don/t know how to find the lowest height in my 3dtiles;

Can you tell me how you created your 3D Tiles? If you’re doing it on ion, you should be able to clamp to terrain if it’s 3D Buildings, and that’ll get all the tiles at the correct height. The idea is to get the height correct during the creation of 3D Tiles.

One thing you could do is extract the model(s) in each tile and get their position/height, and find the minimum. The Sandcastle here does something similar to clamp each tile individually to the ground at runtime:

3dtiles (3d building )created by contextcapture. i need put it on ground(earth) surface;

在 2019年4月3日星期三 UTC+8下午11:26:42,Omar Shehata写道:

I don’t know if ContextCapture has an option to clamp to ground, but if you upload your source 3d buildings data to you can get a tileset clamped to the earth’s surface.

contextCapture don’t have option to clamp to ground ,in the work flow of my project contextCapture be used to creat 3dtiels and .las modle, and need be automatic。if there have one way to get the lowest height point in 3dtiles files After it be loader?

在 2019年4月6日星期六 UTC+8上午4:35:43,Omar Shehata写道:

You could use the on-premises version of the ion 3D Tiling pipeline, so you could run that locally in your workflow:

You can reach out to Tim ( for an evaluation. Otherwise, to get an approximate clamping, the best thing I can think of would be the method I suggested in my first post in this thread, where you go through every tile in the tileset, extract the models, get their dimensions, and figure out the min/max heights that way (or use the bounding boxes/spheres as an approximation).