Are 3D Tiles considered "ground"?

Hi everyone, I have problems with rendering. I have 2d polygons uploaded as KML and 3d houses and trees uploaded as 3d TILES with heightoffset option. Problem is that when 2d polygons are set “clamp to ground”, they render all over the houses and trees, concluding 3d tiles are also considered ground. I just want parcels (polygons) as 2d clamped to ground and houses above them without polygons rendering over 3d objects. I’ve seen images in some articles and saw some showcases where it has been done in that way but these showcases source files have been uglified. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong so if anyone has experienced similar or know the answer, please help. Thanky in advance.

Ok, I figured where was the error. Should have classified polygons for terrain classification. Default is BOTH, terrain and 3d tiles.

Glad you figured that out! There’s a note on exactly this type of use case in a new tutorial we just put together: Specifically in step 3 where you add the parcel boundary and have it appear only on the ground.

Is this also a real-estate/urban planning type of project? Curious to hear more about what you’re building!

Hi @omar, thanks for answering. I’ve also noticed that geoJSON 2d polygons work better if uploaded from source data folder locally rather then as Cesium Ion resource. Also outlines of the polygons are showed on the terrain only if you upload it as a polylines but that needs to be uploaded separately.
Tutorial looks great and the idea also. Especially for urban planning apps. I’m basically doing a base for loading 3d objects created from LIDAR surveys and my idea is to go from there in couple of directions (3d cadastre, 3d urban planning, 3d spatial analysis…). I actually contacted Cesium Ion sales about spatial analysis tools a week or two ago and did not get back. Can you connect me with someone from sales or can I talk to you directly? I’m asking on behalf of our company.