Are SubMeshes used in the tiles generated by Cesium?


In unity if the mesh does not contain submeshes and you add a second material in the MeshRenderer both materials will be executed on the same mesh.

However if the mesh is made of submeshes each material of the MeshRenderer applies to each submesh.

I would like to have many materials applyied to the same mesh in a reliable way and for that I would like to know if Unity Cesium mesh (i.e. the mesh applyed to a mesh filter) do contain submeshes.


As far as I can see there are no submeshes. Every time a new mesh is created. Can I rely on this ?

Yes, 1 primitive corresponds to 1 mesh. There is no special code that creates submeshes.

Thanks a lot for your support


I should just add: we’re not necessarily willing to commit to never using submeshes. If we observed a performance improvement from doing so, we’d probably go with it. We could probably make it an option, though.

Thanks for the clarification.