Are the heading, pitch, and roll updates available to CZML?

I am very excited to see the release of setting orientations by heading, pitch, and roll coming out soon. Cesium has been my first experience with quaternions and they have been a bear to trying to learn. I’ve been using them to set orientations in czml documents with the java czml-writer. I’ve been using some hacks to convert a heading and altitude to a quaternion, but its not perfect and I don’t trust that it is correct at every position.

I was wondering if czml is going to be able to take advantage of the new quaternion features? My understanding is the heading, pitch, and roll settings are only going to be available to javascript files. I’m hoping there will be a way to format a czml orientation so Cesium will know to make one from these variables, instead of loading a unitQuaternion directly. I don’t mind writing my own method to format it correctly in java, but I don’t know if this will possible in the 1.6 release?



Unfortunately, with the massive amounts of engine updates going into 1.6, we haven’t had time to add any of the new features to CZML yet. But making orientation easier in CZML has been on the roadmap for quite some time and these initial changes lay the foundation for that. While most of my time in the next month is going to be spent on the initial KML release in 1.7, I’m hoping to go back and give CZML the much needed attention it deserves sometime soon.