Are you a Sketchfab user?

Cesium is integrating with Sketchfab to make it easier to add 3D models to geospatial applications built with Cesium.

Have you ever wanted to import a model from Sketchfab to your Cesium project? If so, we’d love to know more. For example:

  • What types of Sketchfab models do you use? (For example, architecture models? animated vehicles?)

  • How do you usually find models on Sketchfab? (For example, searching by category? by high/low poly?)

  • Do you upload your own models to Sketchfab?

  • Would you be willing to try a prerelease version of the integration when it’s time?

  • What else should we be thinking about?

We look forward to hearing from you. Or, just like this post to let us know a Sketchfab integration would help you.

Lisa Bos and the Cesium Team


I use building models from Sketchfab. I have only used a few models from this Sketchfab’s user: 3D model collections by Giravolt - Sketchfab

I download these models in glTF format at the lowest resolution and I need to compute a world position, scale and orientation in order to upload them into Cesium JS. This can be done with Cesium.Ion but I developed something by myself to do the same. Recently, I realized of the existence of the CESIUM_RTC extension but, when I developed my code I was unaware of it. I was planning to update my code to use the CESIUM_RTC.

I was also planning to convert these models to 3D Tiles because they are heavy and it takes too long to upload them as glTF.

I’m interested in testing the integration of Sketchfab in Cesium.

Best regards,

Toni Ruiz

Thanks for your input @toni! We’re trying to make it easier to do exactly what you’re already doing or thinking of doing.

Sorry for some off-topic hint: The CESIUM_RTC extension actually was an extension for glTF 1.0. Iff you wanted to store a large translation inside a glTF (2.0) asset, it should be stored as a translation of the root node of the glTF.

But more generally, this is exactly the reason for this thread: There are several options for computing and assigning a “world position and orientation” for such models, and this thread aims at developing workflows for making all this easier and more accessible.

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