Are you using 3D Tiles?

Hi all,

The OGC is interested in 3D Tiles so we are doing a 3D Tiles presentation at the upcoming OGC Technical Committee meeting in March.

I would like to give examples of what the community has already built with 3D Tiles. The work so far is amazing, especially considering that 3D Tiles aren’t finished!

Please drop me a line (either in this thread or email me at and let me know if I can mention your 3D Tiles work in my talk. It will be great exposure for you and will help show the potential of 3D Tiles.




Very very simple demo.
New York City Marathon marathon 2015 in Cesium 3D tile.

This is test for lerning cesium 3D tiles.
NY 3D tile dataset is same Cesium demo ( )

camera position can change tracking view ir runners view.


@kamonasu - thanks for sharing!



OSM Buildings is using descriptive 3D tiles in flavor of enriched OSM / GeoJSON.

We are currently working on a binary format, structure similar to OBJ with also some inspiration from gltf.

LAS is definately another thing.