assets not work in angular/cli & cesium 1.44.0

1. A concise explanation of the problem you're experiencing.

  assets url not change to node_modules/cesium after add blow code to main.ts

window['CESIUM_BASE_URL'] = '/assets/cesium/';

2. A minimal code example. If you've found a bug, this helps us reproduce and repair it.
  angular not add 'assets/cesium' to cesium rescource.
  just like

  if you change the code, please update document

3. Context. Why do you need to do this? We might know a better way to accomplish your goal.
  I just want add cesium to angular.

4. The Cesium version you're using, your operating system and browser.

  cesium 1.44.0
  windows 10 pro x64
  chrome 66.0.3359.139 x64

Hi there,

This is a known bug in Cesium 1.44. You can find more information about it here.

Hi guys,

This was actually fixed in Cesium 1.45 which just released: