Automatic creation of LOD 3d tile sets?

Are there any tools available to automatically convert a large textured mesh model (like an obj file) into a multi LoD (level of detail) Cesium 3d Tile set?

Something that will take care of the decimation of the original model, splitting up the original mesh , creating the levels of detail/bounding boxes, setting up new textures for the decimated model, and assembling the data into the proper structure along with all the tileset.json files at every level of the tree?

We’ve been working on exactly this sort of thing, which you can read more about here:

If this looks like what you need feel free to reach out to Tim ( to try it out.

I believe this pipeline is also available on Cesium ion right now ( so you can try it out there as well. It’s pretty new, so let us know if you have any feedback/any issues using it either here or on the ion repo (