b20 release volunteer

The b20 release is shaping up to be interesting. A number of showstopper bugs were introduced by Chrome (stable 29.0.1547.57) upgrading to a new version of ANGLE, and fixes are in master now. There’s talk of doing an early release, but not everyone is on board yet.

Who will volunteer to handle the release during the storm? (Note: Must be someone with commit access to the main repository).


Since September 1st is a Sunday and the 2nd is a national holiday in the US, do we plan on releasing Tuesday the 3rd or Friday August 30th? My vote is on the 30th.

We still need a volunteer for the release; I can do it if no one steps up, but I think I’ve done 2 out of the last 5, so I’m sure someone else might want a chance.

I’ll do it. I’ll plan the release for Tuesday the 3rd.