(b27) Cannot read property 'maximumRadius' of undefined

Cesium Team,

Possibly reporting a bug for b27 but not entirely certain.

When switching from 3D to 2D or Hybrid/Columbus view, I see the following Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘maximumRadius’ of undefined.

“ellipsoid” appears to be undefined at line 114763 of Cesium.js in the “morphOrthographicToPerspective”.

I went over some Sandcastle examples to make sure there wasn’t anything we were missing when we setup the initial ellipsoid (as we are upgrading from b25) but I don’t see any differences.

Potentially related, when we switch to these 2D or hybrid views, Cesium appears to request some invalid tiles (or at least we do not have these tiles, but this wasn’t an issue in the past).

Some of the coords, for example, are X: 196, Y: 113, Level 7.

Could these two issues possibly be related? Cesium is unsure of the actual extends of the ellipsoid?


Just to clarify, we receive this error when switching perspectives; the error is thrown from both “morphOrthographicToPerspective” and “morph3DTo2D”.

This is my fault; I was still using the old Cesium.SceneTransitioner and passing in the scene and ellipsoid objects and then running the morph on the transitioned scene.

All is well.

Please ignore.