b29 release

We’re starting the process for the b29 release, which will be out later today.

The b29 release is available. http://cesiumjs.org/2014/06/02/Cesium-version-b29-released/

Hi Scott, thanks that’s great news.

I’ve got 2 questions…

(1) I couldn’t find if there is a Cesium.version or similar to determine easily from a browser what version I’m currently running.

(2) i think the link to the “non-full” download zip still contains the v28 code. hence why i’m interested in (1).

please correct me if i’m wrong !



  1. I’ve just opened a pull request to add a Cesium.VERSION property which will be in the next release. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I checked both zip files on the website and confirmed that they both contain the b29 code.

ok no worries, must have been my bad… sorry bout the noise.


Thanks for doing the b29 release, Scott. I’ll do the 1.0 release next month.


Now that 1.0 is August 1, I’ll still do the b30 release on July 1 and Scott is doing the 1.0 release on August 1.