Basic Question - Removing Columbus View from scene selection

I have a basic question. I know how to change the scene in the viewer through code, but I'd like only the 3D/2D options to be available for the Scene Selection drop-down in the viewer. How can I remove Columbus View from the scene mode picker?

Looks like there’s no API exposed to control this. I opened a feature request with some details on how you might go about changing this:

Looks like Ed Mackey figured out a clever way to hide it with just CSS! See the HTML/CSS tab in his example here:

Perfect. Thank you for digging that up for me Omar!

So far at least, just adding :

.cesium-sceneModePicker-dropDown-icon[data-bind*="COLUMBUS_VIEW"] {
        display: none;

to my CSS file does not remove the icon for me. I dont use the bucket.css that Ed used though, and removing that from his sandcastle example breaks it. So I'll have to poke around a bit. At least it looks like it is possible this way!

Only because I want to post a solution here: Omar provided this on github which worked for me :

Adding this in Javascript, using CSS, was able to remove Columbus View

document.querySelector("#cesiumContainer > div > div.cesium-viewer-toolbar > span.cesium-sceneModePicker-wrapper.cesium-toolbar-button > button:nth-child(4)").style.display = 'none';

It worked perfectly! Thanks Omar and John for your help.