Billboard image render quality

Is there a way to control the quality of rendered canvas billboard?
I was not satisfied with the quality of default Cesium.Label, that’s why I prepare my own canvas, that includes icon, label and note. After that I set the result canvas as an image for textureAtlas and create a billboard. Here’s the result:

For example, the same icon canvas generator I use for 2D in google maps, and here’s the screen with it:

So is it possible to specify render options for the first case so that titles become more readable?

Is the canvas the same size (in pixels) as the billboard?

I can’t promise it will help, but you can try changing the texture filter from LINEAR (default) to NEAREST:

textureAtlas.getTexture(). setSampler({

minificationFilter : TextureMinificationFilter.NEAREST,

magnificationFilter : TextureMagnificationFilter.NEAREST