Billboard label is getting blurred on top of .gltf

Hi everyone,

I have loaded one .gltf of a building and on top of it, i’ve displayed some images as billboards along with its name. But i got a problem as shown in the above image. My label text is getting blurred when it is on top of .gltf model. It is clear when it is on normal cesium container. Can anyone help me to resolve this problem. please let me know if you identified reason for this problem.


Can you please paste a short code example for how you’re creating your labels? I’m having a hard time reproducing this.



function showImage (x, y, name, url,scale1, phone, email) {

console.log("show image "+iconFont);

var lineHeight = 2;

var imageJson = {

name: name,

position: Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(x, y, lineHeight),

billboard: {

image: ((name.length > 2) ? url : ‘TEST.png’),

scale: (scale1 != null ? scale1 :0.05),


polyline: {

positions: Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegreesArrayHeights([x, y, 0, x, y, lineHeight]),

width: 5,

followSurface: false,

material: new Cesium.PolylineArrowMaterialProperty(Cesium.Color.WHITE)


label: {

text: " "+name,


font: iconFont,

fillColor : Cesium.Color.BLUE,

horizontalOrigin : Cesium.HorizontalOrigin.LEFT,



this.viewer.entities.add( imageJson );



Here url is nothing but image path and iconfont =‘15px Verdana’ and scale=0.5

Thanks! It looks like this is related to a known issue that has been reported here:
I linked to his forum post and added a code example so someone can confirm your case is fixed as well when they go to fix the bug.



Hi Chandrika,

Thanks again for the report. The label opaque vs. translucency blending issue was just fixed in #4886, which will ship in Cesium 1.30 next Tuesday.

I’m not 100% sure that it fixes your issue, but please give it a try and let us know.