Billboards in BillboardCollection turn black.

Hello there, i have recently noticed an issue related to BillboardCollection. I am adding maximum of 5 pictures of dimensions 960x720 and size <= 200KB at a time. However this process is recurrent; add new 5 pictures and remove previous ones. The problem is after a particular number of , probably 15, the billboards in BillboardCollection turn black. I can't find any apparent reason, may be this problem is related to memory, but i am removing all previous billboards ( billboardCollection.removeAll() ) before creating new ones. So i don't think that this issue is related to billboard memory. Is there any possibility that after prolong animation in cesium there aren't enough resources/memory for billboards?
Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

any hint??

Can you provide a code sample using Sandcastle? That will help us see what’s going on here, and help us reproduce the error.



Hey, did you solve it?
When I used the Build/CesiumUnminified and reproduced the situation in which I got black squares I got a developer exception in my console which said:
DeveloperError: Width must be less than or equal to the maximum texture size (4096). Check maximumTextureSize.

After some investigation I learned that every BillboardCollection associated with atlas texture that manages all the textures of billboards that where added to the collection.
Removing billboard from the collection unnecessary cleans it's texture and then every add resizes the atlasTexture.
When the atlasTexture grows above the maximum texture size it throws an exception that causes in deployment the black squares.
My temporary solution is creating new BillboardCollection when it big enough, but the FPS drops from 60 to 10 and causes bad performance, I am stuck at this point.