Billboards order and transparent png


I’m having some problems after update from b20.

I need to show little balls on circles and other primitives. The billboards are on the polygon but under the polyline.

Another problem is that the transparent part of png is being shown.

The image below shows the billboards, respectively, in b20 (as I want) and in b24:

In my code I draw a polyline and a polygon for the circle.

After, I draw the billboards:

var billboards = BillboardCollection();


var textureAtlas = scene.getContext().createTextureAtlas({

image : myImg



var image = billboards.add({

position : myPosition,

imageIndex : 0,

color: myColor


How can I fix it to show as before (b20 release)?


I solved the transparency issue by changing the png image to a gif image.
The sorting problem is in the polygon. The order of the polygon is not according the primitives array. Is it a bug?

I drew some polygons and polylines in the following order:

2 PolylineCollection (green)
3 Polygon (red)
4 PolylineCollection (blue)
5 Polygon (white)

The number is the index in the primitives array.
The display order (up to down) should be white, blue, red and green. But it is shown blue, red, white and green.

Is it the case that we cannot use partially transparent color in images? I have a png image with a shadow around the main shape, eg like google map type of pin. If I use this image with a billboard and display it over a polygon, the shadow part literally erases the polygon color behind, see the image attached.

Also depedning on the camera position, the billboard is either above or behind the polygon. Is there an option to tinker with to change this behvior? ie billboard always on top. I tried setting the height but it didn’t do the trick.

This problem is the order of the polygon. After b22 the polygon order is not correct. Try to use lower or raise functions of ComposePrimitive with a polyline, for example - it works fine, but not with polygon.
I solved my problem coming back to b22 version.