Black screen on loading larger tileset with implicit tiling


We observe a black screen for a few seconds when loading a larger tileset (Dutch building) with implicit tiling enabled, see

black screen

The used subtree file is 1.4 MB . Is there a way to avoid this black screen?

I’m thinking of splitting the subtree file in multiple files (tree of subtrees). But what’s a resonable maximum size? Or is is there something possible in Cesium to avoid this black screen showing up?

Hi @bertt

The current implementation of implicit tiling is a bit naive, it transcodes the whole subtree at once. Though it loads child subtrees, only transcoding them when the camera is near. What you suggest there about “splitting the subtree file into multiple files” is indeed the best way to work around this currently.

I also opened a CesiumJS issue with some ideas of how we might make the lazy loading work even within a subtree in the future. You can find it here: Improve lazy loading of implicit subtrees · Issue #10939 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub


ok thanks :+1: