blink images , highlight styles and different linestrings in CZML

Hello Patrick,

Good morning.

we are trying to replace GE maps altogether in our app , so just trying to find replacements for the below points in CZML of Cesium.

Blinking image displaying on the map

Highlight styles for different entities like polygon, cylinder,etc.,

Different composite styles of line string like dotted

lines, dashed lines etc.,

Please let us know whether there is a replacement for the above in cesium CZML.

there are more queries as below on lasso and opacity of base maps.

opacity changes of base maps with or without an event handler in cesium.js .

at the time of drawing polygon lasso on the cesium map using draw helper we are getting an error .

please look at the attachment for the above point. it would be great if u could guide as to when such error comes.

also is there a way of finding whether the map has finished loading or not.

czml for orientation using 3D models would be great, if provided.

thank u so much.

thanks and regards,