"BlobNotFound" error on all documentation on site

When I try to navigate to any page of the documentation, I get a BlobNotFound error:

Example: http://cesiumjs.org/cesium/build/documentation/AnimationViewModel.html

The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:df9898e1-0001-0007-414c-78a745000000 Time:2015-04-16T13:51:57.9718200Z

Where are you getting your links from? Your URL casing is incorrect. Does the below work for you?


When Googling for "cesium js documentation," the first link is to:

Some links seem to work, and others do not. Which links work also appears to change over time. For example, right now http://cesiumjs.org/cesium/build/documentation/AssociativeArray.html does not work, but http://cesiumjs.org/cesium/build/documentation/Appearance.html does work.

It seems like going to the documentation page once on the "correct URL" makes subsequent requests work on the wrong-case URL.

For example, when I first go to:

I get the error. But when I go to
http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/Documentation/Queue.html (which works)
and then go back to
it now works.

Okay, thanks. I’ll write up a bug to figure out why that’s happening and get it fixed.

FYI, we added a rewrite rule so that lowercase links work now. Thanks again for reporting this.