Blurry Imagery FAA VFR Tiles


In my application I am using the ArcGisImageryProvider to stream FAA VFR Tile data as an imagery layer from here: using the URL given. This works fine, however I depending on where I’m at in the united states, and at higher zoom levels my map tiles seem to be pretty blurry. I would like my maps to be somewhat readable and clear at most zoom levels similar to how looks at it’s various zoom levels (Granted I’m not sure where they get their map data from). When I open up this link: Services Directory - VFR_Sectional(MapServer) It says they have 24 levels of detail (although I’m not positive what that means) but the VFR imagery only starts to show up for my as an imagery layer in cesium when I’m around zoom level 9 or so, and does get clear when i’m at zoom levels much closer to the maps. I was just wondering if you guys have any idea why my map tiles might be blurry. I’ve attached screen shots for reference as well as code snippets.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for reaching out! There are a few ways to increase the resolution of imagery data in CesiumJS.

Increase the overall viewer resolution. By default, CesiumJS does not render at exact pixel resolution to improve default performance on lower end devices. Set Viewer.useBrowserRecommendedResolution to false to increase the entire scene resolution.

Decrease the globe’s maximum screenspace error. It’s possible to request a relatively higher zoom level for all imagery tiles by setting scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError to a lower number, like 1.

Use nearest sampling for imagery layers. The default linear sampling for imagery will interpolate color values between imagery pixels. This can cause a blurring look, particularly for text. Nearest sampling can provide a crisper look.

If none of those solutions work for you, let me know and we can troubleshoot further.

Hi Brandon,
You may want to also try setting the minimumLevel to 0 and maximumLevel to 23 on the ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider that you are using.

It looks like there may be an error in the tileset’s xml that shows LOD 8 - 12 as the min/max.

Thank you guys! Your suggestions helped a ton! Finally got the map tiles crisp and clear :slight_smile:

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