Botts-Inc Full Stack Developer

Organization Name: Botts-Inc

Job Title: Full Stack Developer

Job Type: Full-time

Job Description Summary: Team player who takes initiative. Interested in new challenges. Customer focused. Committed to operational excellence. Technical skills required for success include:

Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Java, Javascript, XML, JSON, Protobuf, Vue.js, 3JS, MQTT/MQTT.js, WebSockets, OpenAPI/REST, OSGI, JavaScript mapping viewers (e.g, CesiumJS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, ESRI, Mapbox, DeckGL, etc.), glTF, WebGL shaders, Android, ATAK/TAK, OGC API, OGC SWE, OGC API-Connected System, TCP/IP, UDP, ZeroConf, communication interfaces (e.g, serial, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth/BLE, RTP, RTSP, Zigbee, Z-Wave, mesh networks, LoRa, WiFi, LTE, etc.). DevSecOps and CI/CD experience required. If you are not proficient in all, you are not disqualified. Years of experience are less important than technical proficiency.

Job Description Link: Current Available Positions – Botts Innovative Research

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