Broken images in Cesium documentation at

All - Just a quick heads-up that it appears many image links are broken across some of the Cesium documentation.

For example:

…refers to, among others,

…which does not exist on the server.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris. We’re doing an update to the website today so we’ll take a look.


The links are fixed now (well, really they were removed), but other types have correct links -


Here’s an idea that I’m not sure of the feasibility on. Can we generate the snapshots dynamically using a custom app built on Cesium? Seems like an awesome way to keep links working and snapshots up-to-date by embedding them in the doc build. We could mark up the doc comments, which would in turn produce a JavaScript file as part of the build process. Then you just navigate to that page while running Cesium and it generates the images (and auto-downloading in the browser takes care of saving them).