Bug: flyTo/zoomTo pick wrong viewpoint with multiple entities in 2D


I use the flyTo and zoomTo functions with multiple billboards, which is really nice on the 3D globe (especially the animation of flyTo). However, the same code fails if the user has selected 2D view. Instead of ending at a viewpoint that includes all of the billboards, it seems to pick a viewpoint that shows some area inside the bounding box of the billboards (which can leave none of them visible).

To reproduce, use this sandcastle:

  1. Select “Add multiple billboards” and in 3D view the flyTo animation works to show all billboards (though the bottom one is cut off)

  2. Rerun example and select “2D” map

  3. Now select “Add multiple billboards” and the camera zooms past all of the billboards, leaving none of them visible



Hi Jacob,

Thanks for reporting this!

Looks like it’s a duplicate with this issue: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/2473

I’ve added a link to this thread so we can notify you when we get a chance to fix it.


  • Rachel