Bugfix in Cesium.Transforms


I experienced a bug in Cesium:


var xys = Transforms.iau2006XysData.computeXysRadians(dayTT, secondTT, xysScratch);

must be:

var xys = Transforms.Iau2006XysData.computeXysRadians(dayTT, secondTT, xysScratch);

Somehow the url property for defining eop and iau files for me is not working. However, the data option works fine with eop parameters. Are you planning to introduce this option to the iau values as well?

Kind Regards!


Hello Rene,

Thanks for reporting this, but that shouldn’t be the case. If you look at Transforms.js#L502, we map an instance of Iau2006XysData to Transforms.iau2006XysData.

You should be able to set iau options by creating a new Iau2006XysData object with custom options.

Transforms.iau2006XysData = new Iau2006XysData(options);
And you can set eop options with

Transforms.earthOrientationParameters = new EarthOrientationParameters(options);

This isn’t an area I’m very familiar with, so if you’re still experiencing issues let me know.

Hope this helps!


Hello Hannah,

thanks for your fast response! It actually was the case. After I created the instance it worked fine for me.