Camera follow view for a particular missile

Hi guys,

I have created a program in which missile is moving from one place to another. Now i want to add a camera follow view for that missile.

For that purpose i have created another instance of cesium widget in right hand lower corner. But i am not able to adjust lookat for that missile. Can you provide me a direction how can i create camera follow view for that missile. That camera view update according to the missile position.

In CZML showcase some satellites are moving, similar to that i have created a missile. I want to add camera follow view also.

please provide me some stuff for that.



Did you find an answer? I have done the same thing now and also want the camera to follow my object

I use the following...

var entity = czmlDataSource.entities.getById('CZML ID of entity you want to track');
        viewer.trackedEntity = entity; //Camera will now track entity

What did you do to create the "picture-in-picture" window?

I dont know what you mean by picture in picture :frowning:

I found the EntityView in documentation that I used, but your example looks more clean.

var tracker = new Cesium.EntityView(czmlDataSource.entities.getById(“Vehicle”), scene, scene.globe.ellipsoid);
viewer.clock.onTick.addEventListener(function (clock) {




I was talking about the OP who had added a 2nd instance of the viewer to a small overlay window similar to picture-in-picture on a TV.