Camera lookat point

Hi, I'm trying to do something straightforward, with a given lat,lng,height (the camera position), orient the camera to 'lookat' a given point; e.g. another latlng on the ground). Thought this would be simple and perhaps a bit like it is in other 3d APIS where I would position the camera in cartesian space and then construct a lookat matrix to orient the camera. Obviously things are a bit different in Cesium with polar coords but can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Cesium works just like the “other 3d APIS” you describe, what made you think we use polar coordinates? I think what you want is lookAtTransform, but you might also want lookAt or setView, both of which are also documented in that link.

What I'm looking for is this deprecated method 'lookAt' which apparently used to be found here:

.lookAt(eye, target, up)

Similarly found here:

I assume there's an equivalent in Cesium? Many thanks