Camera Terrain Collision when flying to array of entities

I noticed in a forum post from 2015 that there were issues with the camera going through the ground when the camera was tracking an object. I was wondering where I should look to prevent the camera from going through the surface/if there was a specific setting that should do that?

In this gif I am flying to an array of entities:

scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain is set to true.

Started looking at this while we were using Cesium 1.29, just updated to 1.32 and it appears the same. I am on chrome latest.

I also see the same thing happening in this sandcastle example:

I think it might be a timing issue/needing terrain/ellipsoid to load when you fly somewhere. If you fly to something and within the first 5 or so seconds the collision detection doesn't kick it

Hi there,

Nice catch! You may be right about it being a timing issue with terrain loading. I’ve opened a new issue and linked to this post so we can let you know when we get a chance to fix it.


  • Rachel