Can I add a mesh to a coordinate I want?

When I went to a coordinate in the Omniverse cesium plugin, I saw that the origin was actually drawn to that coordinate.

When I want to add a cube, for example, to a coordinate I want, I first pull that coordinate to the origin and then place the cube at (0,0). However, when I go to another coordinate, the cube I put in front of it moves accordingly.

Is there a way to add an object here by specifying a coordinate? Thanks.

Hi @jaypear,

It sounds like what you need is our globe anchors feature, which enables you to place prims at a certain latitude/longitude. Then when you update the CesiumGeoreference, those prims will remain anchored to the same location on earth.

This feature is in progress, and we should expect to see it in the 0.10.0 or 0.11.0 release. A similar feature request can be found here.