Add local data into Cesium for Omniverse

If I have already learned how to add data from Ion, but due to the data security of the project, I want to load data locally, what should I do?

Hi @vigor_cao - if you have a 3D Tiles dataset on your local machine you can set the source type to url and set a file URI like below:

Thanks a lot, That looks so great!

I set the same parameters as you,but I didn’t get the same result. Howerer, The same model assets can be implemented by Unreal Engine 5.0.3. So,why……?

@VVmap your georeference origin might be incorrect. Try:

  • latitude: 40.0422
  • longitude: -75.61203
  • height: 0

I grabbed the tileset from here: cesium/Apps/SampleData/Cesium3DTiles/Tilesets/Tileset at main · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub

Okay, thank you , I made it !
But, I don’t understand how it works, could you please explain the principle?

@VVmap Awesome! Glad to see it’s working for you.

The georeference origin is what transforms the globe – which is in a global ECEF coordinate system – to the Omniverse local coordinate system.

So by setting the georeference origin you’re treating that longitude, latitude, height as the origin (0, 0, 0).

Does it mean that we need to change the coordinate system of Cesium World Terrain by setting the georeference origin, so that we can get the same coordinates as Cesium World Terrain and 3D Tiles dataset?
Whether I understand the meaning properly?

The Cesium World Terrain and 3D Tiles datasets are already positioned correctly with respect to each other in global coordinates. You can think of the georeference origin as rotating the entire scene (both datasets) into a local coordinate system.

Thank you very much for your patient explanation,I see!