Cesium Origin Coordinates are incorrect

I am using Omniverse 2023.2.5 with Cesium 0.19

When typing in the Georeferenced Origin Point Coordinates for Lat/Long the map incorrectly loads the specified coordinates. This can be tested by finding your favorite city in Google, grab its lat/long, then type it into the Cesium extension.

@und_miller This is most likely a convention difference. If the latitude is S or the longitude is W the coordinate should be inputted as a negative number.

I typed in the coordinates you provided, and Cesium put me out in a large body of water.

See the attached screen shot

Strange that’s not what I’m seeing

Is your camera far away from the origin?


Thank you for the quick replies.

How would I check that?

Toggle “Show Session Layer” in the Layer options then click OmniverseKit_Persp to see its transform.

You can also select the “World” prim and press “F” and that will center the camera on the world center.

That worked.

Thank you for your help!!!

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