Feature request: Place origin point at the exact Latitude/Longitude coordinates

Hi, this is very time consuming: if I put in exact coordinated of a landmark, and click “place origin here” the origin point (0.0.0. position) will be set far away from that particular landmark, and I have to manually search around and bring the Cesium World Terrain to the origin point, so my player can spawn at the right spot. Would be great to have 000 point appear at that exact coordinate location, which I plugged in, not just the general vicinity. Thank you!

Here is the image of what coordinates I plugged in (circled landmark), and where the origin point actually appeared (cursor)

Hi @VRTravelExpo,

To clarify, you’re putting your desired coordinates directly into the Longitude, Latitude, Height fields on the georeference, right? That should directly set the georeference origin to your desired point.

The “Place Origin Here” button does something different. It converts the Unity position of the Editor camera into globe-relative coordinates, then sets the georeference to be those coordinates. In other words, it snaps the georeference origin to the position of the Editor camera. So it sounds like you may be misusing this button for your needs.

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your post!