Set CesiumGeoreference-1 in blueprint or sequencer

Hi there, thanks for creating such a useful tool! I would like to know if it is possible to expose the Longitude, Latitude, Height values for the CesiumGeoreference-1 origin so that they can be set through a blueprint or in sequencer.
I can set these values in the detail panel when the CesiumGeoreference-1 is selected in the world outliner, if I could control these values through a blueprint that would be very useful.

Hello @simon_went ,

Thanks for using Cesium for Unreal!

I think you should be able to set the georeference origin in blueprint using the “Inaccurate Set Georeference Origin” blueprint node (it is named “inaccurate” since it uses single-precision float parameters since double-precision is not available in blueprint, for most cases this is fine though). This blueprint node is found on the CesiumGeoreference actor.

Thanks for the speedy reply Nithin, that node looks to be exactly what I was looking for!