Cesium Georeference component in level vs in Blueprint/Actor

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There’s a Cesium Georeference component that gets added to the level map to provide an origin reference point for everything, but there’s also a Cesium Georeference component that can be added to an actor blueprint to make it geo-aware. They look like they’re supposed to different functions but they’re named the same thing. Can anyone elaborate? Should the latter be renamed or am I understanding things wrong?

I think it’s CesiumGeoreference and CesiumGeoreferenceComponent even though their names are the same. Based on the tutorials their seems to be 2 ways to lock unreal content onto the globe.

  1. You attach the CesiumGeoreference component to the Actor like any other component, and assign it a lat,long
  2. Using World Composition and Sublevels in combination with the CesiumGeoreference that handles the UE origin. Each sublevel can be thought of as a traditional UE Level where you’d do animations, physics, and such. The sublevel is loaded on top of the the main level which would have cesium setup.
    The main origin CesiumGeoreference can contain an array of coordinates, where each sublevel is nearby that coordinate on the globe. So once the FloatingPawn enters the radius of influence set by that system it would load or unload all the content within that sublevel.
    Building Global Scenes with Georeferenced Sublevels | cesium.com
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