Unreal Georeference Synch with Cesium


I’d like to find out, we typically use the Unreal Georeferencing plugin. This is well supported, and we know it’s not likely to change. We’ve built several tools that allow us to place objects into the world easily.

Is there a way to synchronize the Cesium Plugin to this, and just use the coordinates from the built in plugin.

This can already be done in the ESRI plugin.

There’s not currently anything built-in to do that, but I suspect it could be done relatively easily in a level blueprint by calling SetGeoreferenceOriginLongitudeLatitudeHeight on the CesiumGeoreference.

A sample would be great, and how can we push to have this included as a feature?

I’ve added a note to this issue so that we consider it in some upcoming georeference / globe anchor improvements that we have planned:

I’m afraid I can’t take the time to put together an example, but have a try and if you run into trouble I can help.