UE 5.1 Get Tangent Transform at Geographic Location is always returning world center (0,0,0)

I setup an actor that has the parent class set to CesiumGeoreference. Here is what I am doing, all I want to happen is to automatically place points at certain coordinates at specific heights through blueprints because I have a couple thousand points needing to be plotted. But whatever I try with any of the blueprint nodes, that I believe to be the correct ones, they always spit out (0,0,0) regardless of the coordinates/heights that I input.

I have tried looking elsewhere for an answer and after a couple hours I have found nothing, at least for unreal engine 5. I cannot find any documentation either. In UE4 there was the inaccurate transforms which have been made “accurate” in UE5 but I could not find what the replacement for that was or how to use it. There are also nodes missing in UE5 that were in UE4 and without finding any documentation I am a little more then lost here.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

You’re mixing Unreal’s “Geo Referencing System” with Cesium’s “CesiumGeoreference”. We plan to introduce some automatic syncing between them in the future, but for now they’re totally separate.

The easiest way to set the longitude/latitude/height of an Actor is to attach the CesiumGlobeAnchorComponent to it. Then call MoveToLongitudeLatitudeHeight on it.

If you don’t want to use the component for some reason, you can call the TransformLongitudeLatitudeHeightToUnreal function on the CesiumGeoreference to compute Unreal coordinates directly from longitude/latitude/height.

You should definitely check out the tutorials if you haven’t already:

They still have old UE4 screenshots, but the content is still relevant with usually only very minor changes (such as removing the word Inaccurate from the beginning of some functions, because in UE5 they’re not longer inaccurate). If you find something that doesn’t work in UE5, let us know. We’re planning to major update of all the tutorials to UE5 soon.