Fly to Geomarkers in UE5

Hi I was following the tutorial Transition Between Locations on the Globe and I’m having troubles in the last part.
As the CesiumGeoreferenceComponent has been replaced by the CesiumGlobeAnchorComponent I’ve added that component to the cube, as shown in the following image:
But I can’t drag this component into the blueprint

I also don’t find the Inaccurate Transform Ue to Ecef. I suppose the “Inaccurate” part is no longer needed because blueprints already accept doubles, and also the name has changed as explained here, so I should look for something like TransformUnrealToEcef. Despite all these changes I was not able to find it. There is not even an element containing Ecef:

As extra information, I’m using UE5, and the cube is “Moveable” and placed in the persistent level. I’m new in UE so probably I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance! :grin:

Hello @Xavi_Anadon ,

I think you want to drag the Cesium Georeference actor into the blueprint, not the Cesium Globe Anchor Component. You should be able to find the Georeference actor in the world outliner. The Georeference actor has all the blueprint transform functions you are looking for. Let me know if you are still confused!


Oh, thank you very much. Sorry for the basic question, as I said I am starting with Unreal too. I’ll keep learning :slight_smile:

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