Cesium Unreal All objects are -10000 down

Cesium has taken all objects down about -10000, Why ? 4.26, Viewport Editor play

CesiumGeoreference in the world outlier is in control of where the unreal world origin (0, 0, 0) is currently placed on the globe. All actors location will be affected when the current cesiumgeoreference origin moves to a different location. There is also a cesiumgeoreference component you can add to actors that locks there pivot point to that geolocation. The other way to assure that actors stay at there correct location is to use sublevels as explained in the unreal-sublevels tutorial. If the CesiumGeoreference is at a high-altitude then any actors on the earths surface will reflect that by translating -10000 from the current origin.


Thanks, I am keep looking on this issue. If anything new comes I will let you know.