For Help about Georeferenced Sublevels

I follow the Tutorials about Georeferenced Sublevels but there are something wrong. I made one sublevels all things looks great, but when create second sublevels I cant find my actor and the first sublevels actor transform to new location. can anybody help me? follow is my step:
1、set up the first sublevel and put a ThirdPersonBP in
2、unload the first sublevel
3、fly the editor camera to a spot
4、 press the Place Georeference Origin Here button
5、create new level, load it and Assign to CesiumLayer
6、select CesiumGeoreference and press Check for New Sublevels
7、put second ThirdPersonBP in second Sublevels
8、play and find my actor

Hello @phantom_R ,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for using our plugin!

I may need some clarifications to help you with the issue.

  • Are the actors in question placed within the first and second sublevels respectively? If you click on an actor, you should see in the bottom-right of the viewport what level the selected actor is in. If they are placed in the global persistent level, a different set of rules need to be followed to georeference them.
  • If an actor is in a sublevel, it cannot go to another sublevel during play (at least we have not done proper experimentation with this). If you want the same actor to visit multiple sublevels, you currently need to put it in the global persistent level and georeference it.
  • Are your sublevels overlapping each other? The blue wire-frame spheres that surround each level in the editor should not overlap. Since the sublevels may have different georeferenced locations, any overlap will cause issues of misalignment between the two sublevels and the globe.

Just some background: when a sublevel’s load radius is entered, the world georeference changes so that the sublevel can be spawned near the Unreal origin (this allows many useful things like physics to work smoothly). As you likely saw in the tutorials, everything else in the world has to be properly georeferenced one way or another to ensure that they know how to “survive” the georeference change. Placing objects inside georeferenced sublevels is a way to georeference them. But what you describe with regards to the two actors sounds like things we’ve seen when objects are not georeferenced.

If you have not found a solution yet, please elaborate on your exact issue with the actor locations. If you can provide more detail, we may be able to help you resolve the issue!

@Nithin_Pranesh thanks a lot for you help, the location transform because of my sublevel overlap. but the actor not display sometimes still happened, Its seems like The sub-level is not activated correctly,which happen when transition between locations(1.first sublevel looks greate 2. fly to geo_maker where second sublevel all looks great to some location 4. fly back to geo_maker the sublevel not display), I attach some photos, please tell me how to deal with it. thanks again