Problem about "Move To Level"

I want to switch two levels in same place. CesiumGeoreference Setting like this, “Move To Level” return ture but nothing happen. Is there something I’m not doing right? My Cesium’s version is 1.7.0.

Hi @902D9,

The Cesium sub-level system is set up to activate only one level at a time, whichever one is closest to the camera (and within the load radius). If two levels have identical position, Cesium will still choose just one, but which one it chooses will be arbitrary.

In general activating two sub-levels at the same time would cause one of them to be georeferenced incorrectly, which is why we don’t ever do that. This is a special case, though, where we could get away with it because the two levels have an identical georeference.

It might be helpful to understand your use-case for activating multiple sub-levels at one location.